EWCS Parliament Square statutory TMO consultation

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Added by Dominic Fee

Westminster City Council is undertaking a statutory consultation on the Traffic Management Orders (TMOs) needed to implement the East West Cycle Superhighway at Parliament Square. You can find a description and drawings of the proposals here:

In Westminster Cycling Campaign we rarely respond to statutory TMO consultations because the proposals are either insignificant or, if they are significant, they've usually been subject to an earlier public consultation. It would be inappropriate for us to repeat points we've made previously, and we wouldn't be listened to.

Nevertheless I would encourage interested people to take a look at the Parliament Square drawings to check that the earlier design has been taken forward properly into a detailed design for construction. We have had a recent example where we did respond to a statutory TMO consultation in which the connection between part of the EWCS proposals (Savoy Street) and the rest of the highway network (a left-in left-out junction on the Strand) hadn't really been thought through. If we need to submit a response regarding Parliament Square, the deadline is 21 September 2015.


September 21st, 2015


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