Arbour Square, Senrab Street and Head Street

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Added by Alex Jenkins


We have reviewed the original design based on feedback from residents, for example:

You told us the proposed road closure on Senrab Street will lead to a loss of residential parking, so we have moved the road closure to the eastern end of Antill Terrace, which will still reduce the potential for antisocial driving but with less impact on parking.
You asked for more traffic calming measures on East and West Arbour Streets to prevent antisocial driving, so we propose to introduce flat-topped humps along both these roads and narrow both ends of East Arbour Street.
Forty one per cent of residents disagreed with the one-way changes so we will not be going ahead with this on Head Street and Senrab Street.
You said that the proposal for angular parking would lead to antisocial behaviour and visibility issues so we will keep the existing parking arrangement.
Deadline: 17 July 2017


July 17th, 2017


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