Shoppers and how they travel

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  • Local travel underestimated by retailers

    A survey of 840 shoppers and 126 retailers on two neighbourhood shopping streets on bus routes in Bristol has found that retailers overestimate the importance of the car and how far their customers travel.

    Retailers estimated that 41% of their customers arrived by car, whereas only 22% had done so. Also, the traders assumed that just 12% of customers lived within half a mile and 40% more than two miles away. In reality, 42% had travelled less than half a mile and 88% had travelled less than two miles. Most customers are local.

    In the survey of Church Road shopping area only a quarter of shoppers came by car, whilst two thirds walked and cycled. According to Sustrans, who carried out the survey, the evidence shows the advantages to local businesses in supporting measures aimed at attracting more pedestrians and bus users rather than car users.

    2023-10-01 15:42:30 +0100
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